How to Remove Spider Dropping and Bird Dropping Stains

Sometimes, the smallest blemishes can be some of the hardest to remove from your watercraft surfaces. Bird and spider droppings can leave behind plentiful, stubborn stains that feel near impossible to remove. With the season upon us and boats being prepared for their various water activities, the chosen method of cleaning and the respective products become critical to achieving desired and lasting outcomes.
Ultra-Concentrated Boat Wash
For instance, Presta Marine Ultra-Concentrated Boat Wash creates thick, rich suds to remove algae, grime, oil, fish blood, salt and dirt from fiberglass, gelcoat, metal and painted marine surfaces. This phosphate-free, biodegradable formula cleans without stripping waxes, rinses off easily, and leaves behind no residue. A product like this will be best for regular, general-purpose cleaning. 
For best results:
1. Dilute solution 1:400 to create thick, rich suds.
2. Apply soap to boat surface, liberally, using a wash mitt, a sponge or boatwash brush.
3. Rinse, thoroughly.
4. Dry with a chamois or soft, clean towel.
5. DeckSpray All Purpose Cleaner
For more stubborn stains, try DeckSpray All Purpose Cleaner. This cleaner also works as a powerful degreaser, designed to tackle heavy accumulations on flat and non-skid surfaces. Its non-caustic, aluminum-safe formula removes heavy dirt, grease stains and streaks from fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Use it to achieve either a general-purpose clean or a deeper clean, removing the toughest dropping stains and more.
For best general-purpose cleaning results:
1. Spray product onto soiled surfaces.
2. Let stand for 3-5 minutes.
3. Rinse with clean water.
For best deep cleaning results:
1. Spray Deck Spray All Purpose Cleaner onto soiled surfaces. 
2. Agitate, or scrub, product into surface. 
3. Rinse with clean tap water. 
When cleaning watercraft surface messes, it is important to consider two factors:  1.) the mess to be tackled and 2.) the product and cleaning method to be employed. For relentless spider and bird dropping stains, be sure to adopt deeper cleaning methods. You may be surprised at the little effort needed to achieve your desired results.