How to Bring Out the Shine on Your Boat

Unfortunately, there is no available miracle product for shining a boat sans-buff. Any method will require some elbow grease and hard work. Removing oxidation can be tricky, depending on severity. However, it is not impossible. There are many good quality compounds that get the job done. Each of these compounds performs differently and requires the execution of multiple steps, post-application. All steps, in this process, cost time and money.

The Solution

For that reason, Presta Marine has worked with professionals to develop a next generation compound, Presta MaxComplete Compound (formerly PMC Complete). This cutting compound is designed to provide oxidation removal (from light to heavy) and aggressive cutting action for P800 (and finer) sand scratches. This water-based, VOC-compliant, advanced liquid formula does not contain waxes, fillers or silicone and is easy to clean up.

How it Works

Featuring a two-stage abrasive breakdown, MaxComplete Compound is ideal for use on fiberglass, gelcoat and painted surfaces. Stage one uses heavy cutting abrasives for the effective removal of P800 grit, finer sand scratches and light to heavy oxidation. 


In the end, there is no way around buffing a boat for a great shine. However, a combination of high-quality products can help you achieve desired results easily. Use a wax and filler-free compound, followed by a quality polish, to save time and money on your shine.

In stage two, the smaller, diminished abrasives in the compound provide a polishing action that produces a high gloss finish. Designed for use with a high-speed rotary buffer, MaxComplete Compound performs best when paired with a 100% wool compounding pad (such as Presta’s single or double-sided grip pads). Follow your cutting compound application with Presta MaxFinish Polish (formerly PMC Finish) to maximize gloss and shine, on dark hulls.